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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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Altrive® Red Deer Farm is the accumulative #1 award winning red deer velvet farm in NZ in the NZ Annual National Velvet & Trophy Antler Competition organised by National New Zealand Deer Farmers Association since 2012. This national level competition is the most important and highly recognised event in the New Zealand deer industry, the equivalent of the 'Oscars' in the movie industry.

The farm name ‘Altrive’ is used as the brand name of our retail products. All Altrive deer velvet supplements are made with velvet of Altrive lineage.

The chemical compositions of velvet produced by different species of deer are different. Altrive red deer are of mixed English origin (E.g. Cervus Elaphus elaphus / scoticus) & Eastern European origin (E.g. Cervus Elaphus hippelaphus) which is scientifically proven to produce velvet with the highest nutrition content. ‘Ma Luo’ is Manchurian wapiti (Cervus Canadensis Xanthopygus) native to SE Siberia and north Asia. Its nutrition value is much lower than that of NZ red deer.

NZ is well known in the deer industry as the biggest and well established deer velvet producer in the world. The most serious and discerning deer velvet buyers, such as the top pharmaceutical and health supplement companies in Korea, use NZ red deer velvet in their products. They demand the most bioactive and potent deer velvet as well as the highest safety standard of the velvet source.
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Altrive is the only deer velvet brand that warrants the nutrient standard of the velvet in our products. We test the quality of our velvet in an independent ISO17025 lab every year prior to capsule production to ensure that our products meet our strict quality standards.

Deer Velvet Standard Amino
Moisture Ash Content
New Zealand - Altrive ‘Big Bulb’ Deer Velvet Standard > 57% < 6% < 32%
Jilin Province, China - Sika Velvet Provincial Standard - ≤ 16% ≤ 45%
Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standard – Sika Velvet - ≤ 14% ≤ 37%
Chinese Materia Medica Grand Dictionary (China) - Sika Velvet Max. 50.13% - -

1 Total Amino Acids (DM = Dry Matter)

Altrive is a leading deer stud specialist. Altrive Red Deer Farm specialise in breeding 'ELITE' deer for velvet and supply progeny to other NZ farms. We select our best velvet to produce our house brand supplements.

Over 90% of NZ deer velvet supplement brands are merely OEM brands purchasing generic finished products from NZ manufacturers. They have no idea about the source, the grade or even which part of the velvet is used in their products.

Some dishonest suppliers might use only the low-price middle and base sections of the antler to make capsules. Those companies never disclose the amino acids and ash contents.

Some supplement brands might claim to have their own NZ deer farm but do not tell consumers the name of their deer farm.

Many so-called NZ deer velvet supplements in Asia do not even clearly state the amount of deer velvet in their products. Deer velvet generally should contain around 50% protein.
If the protein level shown on the 'nutrient label' is lower then this %, that will indicate that either :

  • There is not much velvet in the product. (The capsules are often filled with low cost ingredients or fillers).
  • The velvet is highly calcified, not bioactive nor potent.

NB: Protein % is generally correlated via the nitrogen level of a product and can unfortunately also be faked (E.g. Baby Milk Powder scare a few years ago in China, was based on the addition of a chemical to increase protein %), so should not be used as the only measure of high quality deer velvet ('Amino acid' levels are a much better indicator of true velvet quality & this is why Altrive provide these for you).


Deer velvet is the whole cartilaginous antler in a pre-calcified growth stage. It gets the name ‘velvet’ from its soft, velvet-like covering of hair. Unlike horns, which are keratinized tissue (essentially hard bone), antlers are living organs. Deer velvet is one of the fastest known types of tissue growth in mammals and the only known mammalian tissue that completely regrows every year.
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Deer velvet is a natural superfood containing the most concentrated source of highly diversified nutritional substances found among all plants and animals on earth. The chemical composition of New Zealand red deer velvet is extremely complex, including >30 types of amino acid (high in essential amino acids); 20 growth factors (including IGF-I , IGF-II), signaling molecules and their receptors; 20 glcosylaminoglycans; 4 types of collagen; lipids; vitamins; minerals and trace elements.
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Deer velvet is a powerful natural adaptogen that helps restore, revitalize and rebalance our bodies. Deer antler velvet contains bioactive ingredients that are precursors that supports the human body to process substances that are essential to general health and wellbeing.
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Deer velvet helps address the root causes of health concerns and therefore its benefits are diverse. The 4 most important aspects of health benefits related to deer velvets are orthopaedics (joint, bone & muscle recovery), body stamina & strength (physical ability & sport performance), anti-aging & immune and health of the productive organs of both genders.
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Nearly everyone can benefit from deer velvet because of its broad range of benefits. Some people use it to maintain good health and combat aging. Some people use it to improve specific health conditions.

Both traditional Chinese medical theories and modern scientific researches suggest that deer velvet are most beneficial to people who are concerned about orthopaedic problems, body weakening (immune system, chronic fatigue, cold limbs), slow recovery (from physical stress, diseases or injuries) and health & functioning of reproductive organs.

All the authoritative literatures of Chinese medicine describe deer velvet as warming, NOT heaty.

The reason why some people find it heaty are usually due to the following reasons.

  • The individual has a ‘hot’ body constitution or a yin deficiency in kidney. Deer velvet is not suitable for people of this type of body conditions.
  • The velvet is cooked with other highly potent ingredients for hours before consumption. The combination with such ingredients and the prolonged cooking are the real reason for the heatiness.
  • The individual takes deer velvet at the ‘wrong time’. The conditions of your body vary every day. If a person takes deer velvet after accumulating a lot of ‘heat’ in his body (e.g. after sunbathing, consumption of a substantial amount of deep-fried food or a hot-pot meal), he will add more warmth to his already heated body and feel heaty.

The response time depends on a combination of factors including an individual’s body constitution, the health concerns to address and lifestyle.

According to our experience, some people start noticing positive impact after a few days of use whereas others notice results after a couple of months. Generally, it is a matter of 3-4 weeks.

Deer velvet is not a synthetic chemical-base quick fix solution like painkillers. It is a supplement that supports the restoration and rebalancing of the human body so that it can repair and protect itself. Deer velvet's effects are gradual, cumulative and develop over time.

The single biggest reason why it does not deliver the expected results for some individuals is that people are too used to the chemical quick-fix method and unwilling use deer velvet in a consistent basis to receive the full benefits.

Deer antler velvet supplementation has centuries of history of safe usage in China and Korea.

The conditions of your body vary every day. There are periods during which the consumption of deer velvet is not recommended.

  • when your body has already accumulated a lot of heated – e.g. from sunbathing, consumption of a substantial amount of deep-fried, a hot-pot meal or BBQ dinner.
  • when your body feels ’‘heaty’ - typically with symptoms such as phlegm, nosebleed, dark urine and dry/sore throat
  • when having cold or flu symptoms
  • when you are on other medication.

Altrive deer velvet supplements are endorsed by traditional Chinese doctors and they recommend Altrive supplements to patients who can benefit from deer velvet.

  • People with a ‘hot’ body nature or a yin deficiency in kidney should not use deer velvet. Their typical characteristics are hot temperament, feeling hot always (and not feeling the chill in winter), getting thirsty easily and yellowish complexion.
  • People on heavy dosage of medication should not take deer velvet at the same time.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your physician before taking.
  • Children below 12 years old should not be given deer velvet without the supervision of doctor.
  • Women with hormone-sensitive conditions (e.g. breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids) currently or previously should refrain from taking deer velvet.


Deer velvet is a highly potent ingredient and should not be overdosed. To further enhance the effect of our product, we have chosen to supplement it with astaxanthin for strong reasons.

  • Astaxanthin as a natural, highly potent and high-price ingredient, compatible with deer velvet.
  • It is ‘neutral’, neither heaty nor cooling. It is an absolutely a safe supplement.
  • Its is the strongest natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance on earth. Just like deer velvet, Astaxanthin is a supplement that supports the restoration and rebalancing of the human body so that it can repair and protect itself.
  • The health benefits brought by astaxanthin are also as diverse as those offered by deer velvet. They are related to muscle; cardiovascular system; body metabolism; immune system as well as the brain, eyes and skin.

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Natural astaxanthin in Altrive products does not come from sea animals. It is a natural carotenoid coming from Haematococcus pluvialis (a microalgae). Sea animals obtain astaxanthin from natural waters to protect their bodies.

In over 20 years’ extensive research and applications of astaxanthin by AstaReal, there has been no report of any connection between astaxanthin and seafood related allergy.


Altrive deer velvet supplements are widely available in dispensary stores and health supplement stores in Hong Kong.
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You can (click here) to conveniently purchase from our online store. We offer free delivery to many countries and will dispatch your products by registered mail or courier service within 24 hours after the completion of payment. If the order is placed on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, your order will be sent out on the first working day after. And you will be able to track your shipment status online.

You might also contact our customer service representative on +852 6996 6022 (voice call, WhatsApp or WeChat) to place an order. The servicing hours are 09:00 – 20:00, Monday – Saturday (except public holidays).

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